Nonprofit in Rockville restores bikes for charity

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — A Maryland organization collects bikes in order to fix them up and ship them to impoverished areas of Africa, Asia, and South America and boost economic opportunities in those regions.

Metro Works to Improve Carbon Footprint

As it struggles with issues ranging from passenger safety to aging infrastructure to cash flow, Metro is rolling out a new sustainability agenda designed to reduce its carbon footprint and soften its environmental impact.

On Some Jewish Farms, Special Rosh Hashana Means a Year of Rest, Giving Back

Rosh Hashanah this year will mark the last in a seven-year cycle, called the “shmita,” which for Jewish farmers means a year-long sabbatical during which the land is left fallow — no tilling, no planting and no harvesting. Although compliance with the shmita is mandated by the Torah for the land of Israel only, Jewish farmers in Maryland have planned ways to observe the year of rest.