Maryland Lawmakers React to John Boehner’s Surprise Resignation

Maryland representatives weigh in on House Speaker John Boehner’s impending resignation.

Maryland’s Largest Tea Party Group Grows After Shutdown

Despite national polls showing tea party support at record lows as a result of the government shutdown, Maryland’s largest tea party said it has drawn new members.

Tea Party Attitude Toward Obama Influenced by Race

Political scientists say tea party supporters’ racial resentment is expressed through their dislike of President Obama.

How sequestration will impact Maryland and national party politics

The clock ticks down for automatic spending cuts expected to have a severe impact in Maryland.

Maryland Tea Partiers Want Focus on Fiscal Issues

Maryland tea party supporters will try to use this week’s Republican National Convention to shift the focus from social issues to their message of fiscal responsibility.

Tea Party, Others Rally Against Governor’s Redistricting Plan

Tea Party and conservative groups held a rally in Annapolis Tuesday to protest a proposed redistricting plan and possible tax hikes.