Students turn trash into artistic treasure for annual competition

One persons trash is another persons treasure, students across Maryland may have you thinking twice before you throw your trash out.

At home, in schools, on the street, the triggers for asthma lurk everywhere

Your home is meant to be a safe haven. But what happens when your refuge makes you sick?

Health educator: Carpets, even cleaning products can make asthma worse

Senior health educator explains asthma triggers prevalent in Southwest Baltimore.

Prince George’s steps up efforts to clean-up the county

Prince George’s County kicks off a “Litter Movement” campaign aimed at getting residents to help pick up the trash that others leave behind. The effort to clean-up Prince George’s will also involve the county school system and the use of inmates to help with getting the job done and getting the message across to residents.

Mr. Trash Wheel is cleaning the Baltimore Inner Harbor

A one of a kind trash wheel floating in the Baltimore Inner Harbor is cleaning up trash by using clean energy.

Compost Ceremony: Turning Trash Into Treasure

A new Prince George’s County pilot project urges residents to sort their trash.

Trash Pollution is a Prevalent Bay Threat

John Long, president of Clean Bread and Cheese Creek, is working to combat trash pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.