Divided Supreme Court hears arguments over young immigrants program

WASHINGTON – With a crowd of protesters just outside of the building, the justices of the nation’s highest court heard arguments Tuesday that may determine the fate of a popular program that protected young immigrants from deportation. At issue is…

Supreme Court hears arguments on convicted sniper’s life sentences

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday over whether “D.C. sniper” Lee Boyd Malvo’s juvenile life sentences without parole in Virginia violated the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment and thus should not stand. Malvo and his…

The Annapolis Bullpen: Where’s the line?

This week on the Annapolis Bullpen podcast we dive deep into gerrymandering in Maryland. We explore who represents you, how districts are drawn and how Maryland is different from other states. 

Colorado baker goes to Supreme Court over same-sex discrimination suit

In 2012, Denver area baker Jack Phillips turned down a request to make a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple in Colorado. The case finally reached the Supreme Court and protesters and supporters were out in full force.

Supreme Court Hears Md. Case Questioning the Taxing of Out-of-State Income

People who earn out-of-state income and pay income taxes in those other states should not be subject to income taxes in their state of residency, argued a lawyer for a Maryland couple before the Supreme Court Wednesday.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Right of States to Tax Out-of-State Income

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a case involving a Maryland couple who believe their out-of-state income should not be taxed by their state of residence.

Calls for Campaign Reform on Capitol Hill

A coalition in the U.S. House of Representatives is seeking to limit the influence of big money in federal elections and encourage small donations from all Americans.

Supreme Court Hears Campaign Finance Arguments

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a major campaign finance case as hundreds of protestors rallied against eliminating campaign donation caps.

Demonstrators Optimistic that Supreme Court Will Repeal DOMA

Chants calling for equality rang out across the front steps of the Supreme Court Wednesday, as marriage equality supporters gathered to wave American flags and carry colorful signs while the court inside heard a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Maryland DNA Case

WASHINGTON. — The U.S. Supreme Court will decide a Maryland case involving the police and their right to take DNA samples following an arrest.