DeVos draws fire for plan to change handling of campus sexual assaults

WASHINGTON – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday overturned an Obama administration directive on campus sexual assault that may have long-ranging implications for the more than 300,000 college and graduate students in Maryland. “The era of rule by letter is…

Maryland senators vote against DeVos confirmation

WASHINGTON – Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos on Tuesday was confirmed narrowly by the Senate as the secretary of education after Vice President Mike Pence cast an historic, tie-breaking vote, but Maryland’s two senators opposed her, warning she was not qualified. Maryland…

House Committee Hears Bills on Decriminalization, Legalization of Marijuana

Other Bills Would Change College Sexual Assault Policies, Reform Rape-Kit Processing

State Report Aims to Help Maryland Campuses Address Sexual Assault

Attorney General Doug Gansler on Thursday announced a state report on sexual assault on Maryland’s campuses — a national issue recently addressed by the Obama administration through its “It’s On Us” campaign.

Advocates and Opponents of In-State Tuition Bill Gearing Up for November

While Barack Obama and his Republican opponent will capture national headlines this November, Maryland voters will turn their attention to in-state policy disputes, like 2011’s In-State Tuition Bill, also known as the DREAM Act.

MD Colleges See More Students Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems

Counselors attribute it to stress and heightened awareness among students of counseling services.