Maryland’s Piscataway Native Americans share their culture in Charles County

Following their recognition by the state in 2012, Maryland’s Piscataway Native Americans have been struggling to raise awareness for their culture. Now, they’re reaching out to the public through a mobile educational program, taking the Piscataway culture to the people in an effort to make their voices heard.

Metropolitan Sprawl Puts Urban in Suburban

The Washington, D.C., suburbs are expanding faster than any other part of Maryland, and the biggest growth is occurring along its periphery, in Charles and Frederick counties — two counties that share critical attributes, their leaders say.

Cardin Criticizes Planned Maryland Postal Closures

The United States Postal Service has announced cuts that will affect three mail processing facilities in Maryland and is studying the closure of a third, to Sen. Ben Cardin’s dismay.

Maryland Recognition in Hand, Piscataway Leaders Split on Seeking Federal Status

Two Piscataway Indian leaders say federal recognition is not a priority, but one says she plans to go for it.