Democrats seek billions of dollars with small Wall Street tax

Congressional Democrats have proposed legislation to establish a tax on Wall Street transactions that would generate billions of dollars in revenue.  

Trump speech gets thumbs down from Maryland Democrats

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night address to a joint session of Congress did little to ease the worries of Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers. Trump’s address lacked significant detail, said Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Upper Marlboro, and left him “yearning for…

Edwards Says She Won’t Take Wall Street Money

Rep. Donna Edwards said Thursday that she won’t accept any donations from Wall Street and that her opponents in the Senate race shouldn’t either.

Robin Hood Tax Would Increase Revenue, Rep. Donna Edwards Says

Proponents argue the financial transaction tax would serve to reign in the high-risk and speculative behavior on Wall Street that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis.

Storify: Occupy Protestors March on “Wall Street South”

Twitter has been buzzing about the 3-mile protest, which passed several of Charlotte’s largest banks and corporations, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Duke Energy.