Maryland’s small but engaged wine industry celebrates third annual wine month

For #MarylandWineMonth, we compare the state’s beverage production to Virginia’s. The Commonwealth makes almost six times more wine than Maryland.

Maryland businesses on display at local culinary festival

A variety of vendors, including several from Maryland, came together to share different kinds of food and alcohol at the Chocolate, Wine & Whiskey Festival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Wine enthusiasts celebrate #MarylandWineMonth

Tourists and locals are visiting wineries and vineyards throughout the state during Maryland Wine Month.

Maryland Local Wines Win Awards

A celebration of Maryland’s wine industry last weekend made victory just a little sweeter thanks to some of the state’s tastiest grapes.

Local Starbucks Stores Push for Alcohol Sales in New Program

WASHINGTON — Five Starbucks stores in the District of Columbia have requested licenses to serve alcohol in an effort to bring more nighttime business. This news comes after Starbucks announced a new menu lineup late last year called “Starbucks Evenings.”…

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 6, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach talks about the latest headlines from the state of Maryland in this edition of Maryland Minute.

Maryland Wine Industry Sees Tremendous Growth Over Past Decade

Maryland’s wine industry, while not a powerhouse in the world of vino, has seen tremendous growth over the past decade and the state has the potential to become a major center of wine production in time, experts said.