Collegiate coaches moving forward through coronavirus concerns

Athlete eligibility and scholarship availability are two of the biggest questions college coaches are now tasked with moving forward as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the United States.

Local high school lacrosse stand-out uses experimental treatment to battle rare disease

DAMASCUS, Maryland— Montgomery County high school lacrosse stand-out Peighton Stone has been playing the game since she was four. College coaches started reaching out to her when she was in the 8th grade. But her future dimmed and the contact with those coaches all but disappeared when she started to get sharp pains up and down her shins and her toes went numb making it impossible to play. Things started to turn around after she connected with a Wyoming doctor who provided an experimental treatment for her rare disease. Throughout, one college stayed in touch. And now, recovered, Peighton is ready to begin her college career on Division One Elon University’s lacrosse team.

Experts Taking Note of Concussions in Girls Sports

With attention on concussions largely focused on professional football and men’s sports, these brain injuries may get overlooked in women’s sports.

Maryland Delegates Propose the Use of Headgear in Girls Lacrosse

Two Baltimore County delegates have proposed a bill that would require girls lacrosse players in Maryland to use protective headgear.

After Championship Defeat, Dipper Eyes A Return To Glory

Dipper and the Terps will look to rebound from a near-perfect season that ended in a disappointing fashion. After winning the national championship in 2010 and all but one of their regular season games in 2011, Maryland lost by a goal to Northwestern University in the championship game.