Companies look to hire Afghan refugees, but child care remains a question

“We haven’t had this many refugees arriving all at once since the end of the Vietnam War, so it’s a huge challenge,” Alan Khazei, senior advisor at Welcome.US, a national coalition to welcome and support incoming Afghan refugees through employment opportunities, said.

Stolen paychecks: how immigrant workers get ripped off

Victor, an immigrant from Guatemala, says he’s cheated on as many as 20 percent of the jobs he takes.

Marching for Change

ANNAPOLIS- Concession workers at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport marched on Annapolis to demand higher wages to support a higher cost of living.

Asbestos Workers Facing Safety Hazards

The asbestos abatement industry is one of the most dangerous fields in construction.

DC Tries to Prepare for Future Emergencies

What did you do when the earthquake struck in August? The 5.9 magnitude quake shook much of the area and even cracked the Washington monument.