Legislators hope to sweeten lemonade stand restrictions

A bill passing through the Maryland General Assembly could stop local governments from regulating lemonade stands, allowing minors to serve nonalcoholic drinks on private property without restriction.

Local effort aims at tackling the problem of juvenile fire starters

Kids have long had a fascination with fire. Most learn to respect it and the damage it can cause. But, there are some who don’t and, at times, it comes with tragic results. Local experts say while it’s difficult to track the numbers, their anecdotal evidence indicates there’s an increasing number of girls involved in an activity that was once primarily associated with males.

Bill proposes age limits on tackle football for young athletes

Good Counsel High School freshman William Leatherwood has been playing tackle football since second grade. Leatherwood says playing tackle football for so many years has helped get him to Good Counsel and their athletic program. But that could change for younger athletes in the future.

Lawmakers weigh integrating services to break poverty cycle

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — To end multi-generational poverty, state and local agencies should integrate services such as early childhood development, temporary cash assistance and mental health programming, a governor-mandated commission told lawmakers Tuesday.

CP Dream Team

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — The College Park community youth teams up with local law enforcement by way of sports to promote engagement and build a connection.

EPA funds pediatric asthma study at Johns Hopkins for Baltimore’s at-risk youth

Twenty percent of children in Baltimore suffer from asthma, which is more than double the national average. Lawmakers are taking the first step in clearing the air by funding a Johns Hopkins study that may bring them closer to preventing pediatric asthma.

New law aims to give homeless students better access to education

Homeless students face many unique struggles, like finding transportation, stable housing and consistency with school attendance. The Every Student Succeeds Act, effective Oct. 1, hopes to fix just that.

Jump rope keeps Baltimore youth active and off the streets

You may think jump rope is just child’s play, but for kids at Jump for Joy, it’s the ticket to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Advocates seek immunity for youth victims of sex trafficking

Juvenile victims of human trafficking will not be prosecuted for sex crimes in Maryland if a recommendation from a state workgroup becomes law, despite pushback from law enforcement.

Cricket Across Maryland: Growing a sport one fundamental at a time

It may not be football, basketball, or baseball… but cricket is making it’s presence felt among kids in Maryland.