Maryland Delegates Take Break from Convention to Visit Zoo, Elephants

CLEVELAND — For a delegate, the third day of a convention can feel kind of like you’ve hit the wall.


The 90 day legislative session in Maryland ended Monday night at the stroke of midnight. Lawmakers rushed through bills trying to get as many through before the midnight deadline.

Top Metro Official Answers Senators’ Questions

Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld met with both Maryland and Virgina’s U.S. Senators. The senators questioned why Metro had a system-wide shut down last month and what Metro’s plans are moving forward.

Board of Public Works Approves State Funding for Purple Line

The Board of Public Works votes 3-0 to fund the state’s share of Metro’s Purple Line.

Possible Metro Shutdown Leaves Commuters Stunned

Commuters share their reaction to Metro chairman announcing a possible shutdown. The announcement was made during a summit where area leaders discussed future plans for the metro.

Revoking Parental Rights In Cases of Sexual Assault

Maryland lawmakers are now considering whether someone who has either been convicted or suspected of sexual assault or rape should be denied access to a child resulting from the alleged offense.

UMD Women’s hoops fall to Washington in NCAA Tournament

The seconded seeded Maryland Terrapins fell to the seventh seeded Washington Huskies in the second round of the NCAA Tournament 74-65.

Maryland activist find ways to participate in early primaries

Maryland’s presidential primary isn’t until April 26th. But, instead of remaining on the sideline, Maryland activists from both parties are doing everything they can to impact the election.

Maryland’s Women back-to-back B1G 10 Basketball Champs

The Maryland women’s basketball team celebrated their back-to-back B1G 10 Tournament Championships with their fans in College Park.

Domino Day

The Maryland Science Center hosted domino toppling expert Scott Suko who set up a nearly 30,000 domino topple.