In Casino Expansion, Revenue Promises Often Fall Short of Reality

When Florida’s pro-gambling groups launched a series of advertisements pushing voters to allow slot machines in 2004, they claimed gambling would rake in $500 million for state schools annually. In reality, those slot machines have generated roughly $600 million in total for the state over six years — only 20 percent of what was promised.

Maryland Couple Invites the Internet to Their Same-Sex Wedding

Two weeks before the election, Elkridge resident Chris Riley took to Reddit to invite anyone who voted for the same-sex marriage referendum to his wedding ceremony in Maryland.

Battle with Traffic Cameras Intensifies as New Technology Arrives

The latest technology is noPhoto — a license plate cover that uses the same mechanics built into traffic cameras to fool them, and, unlike older products, could be more difficult for the authorities to detect.

Kickstarter Data Shows Maryland Projects Do Better Than Average

Despite Kickstarter’s popularity, more than half of projects listed on the site fail to meet their funding goals. In Maryland, however, the reverse is true, according to data from the company.

Climate Change Threatens Fall Colors

Fall colors are arriving later and are fading more quickly because of climate change, according to researchers.

Langley Park Residents Protest Against Apartment Conditions

Residents at three apartment complexes in Prince George’s County took to the streets Tuesday to protest against substandard living conditions.

Capitol Heights Gets Rid of Long-time Neighborhood Eyesore

For over a decade, city and county officials had stood by as people started fires, dumped trash, and committed crimes on the vacant 10-acre Chapel Wood Apartments property.