ANIMAL CRUELTY: FBI tracking abuse cases

After years of proven studies, the FBI announced this year they are tracking animal abuse cases because of its link to other crimes.

PIANOS FOR PLAY: Students put their musical talents on display

A University of Maryland student formed the group Pianos for Play which placed five upright pianos around campus for the public to play.

Leaders Discuss Future of Metro

On the 40th anniversary of the metro, government, civil, and business leaders came together to discuss the future of the metro.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Peak bloom arrives early this year

One of Washington’s biggest spring attractions is blooming a bit earlier than usual. The peak bloom for cherry blossoms is happening a few weeks early possibly due to climate change.

CULINARY COMPETITION: High school students around the state compete for a scholarship

High school students from around Maryland compete for top honors in a culinary competition.

WEATHER DAMAGE: Auto body shops busy from potholes

The rough winter weather is producing an early bumper crop of potholes keeping motorists frustrated and body shops busy.

EAGLE CAM: Two Bald Eagles have nested in the U.S. National Arboretum.

At the National Arboretum two eagles, Mr. President and The First Lady, have laid two eggs that are expected to hatch mid-March and there’s a 24/7 watch underway.

OC Storm Recovery: MD Resort Begins Recovery From Latest Nor’easter

The nor’easter that came along with the blizzard of 2016 left a few reminders behind in Ocean City following high seas and high winds.