Injuries in Maryland Juvenile Justice Facilities Spike in 2008

ANNAPOLIS – After 17-year-old Isaiah Simmons died in 2007 while being restrained by staff at the now-closed Bowling Brook Preparatory Academy, a private reformatory school in Carroll County, Maryland made immediate changes to its juvenile justice system

Maryland Inmates Participate in Holiday Programs

ANNAPOLIS – With the help of some Hagerstown inmates, tens of thousands of needy families in Baltimore will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner this year

Activists Want More Answers about State Police Surveillance Files

BALTIMORE – After reviewing the heavily redacted files of peaceful activists listed as suspected terrorists by the Maryland State Police, the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland criticized the agency Wednesday morning for failing to provide full disclosure of its surveillance activities

Two Maryland Men Listed Among 10 Most Dangerous Priests

BALTIMORE – Two Maryland men were listed among the 10 most dangerous priests in a report released Tuesday by a sexual abuse support group

Veteran Inmates Improve Local Veteran Cemeteries

OWINGS MILLS – Sylvester Woodland, David Fisher and two other Maryland inmates planted flowers in honor of Veterans Day at the Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery in Owings Mills Friday afternoon

Local Police Prepare for Election Day

ANNAPOLIS – Local police departments say they are more than ready for Election Day

Environmentalists Are Listed as Suspected Terrorists

SILVER SPRING – Environmentalists Mike Tidwell and Joshua Tulkin said Thursday morning that the Maryland State Police listed them as suspected terrorists in a federal database and conducted unwarranted surveillance of their activities

State Police Lists Nuns as Terrorists in Database

BALTIMORE – Dominican nuns Sister Ardeth Platte and Sister Carol Gilbert have spent more than 40 years protesting nuclear weapons and war, even doing time in federal prison for their actions

Former Superintendent Defends State Police’s Covert Spying

ANNAPOLIS – Former Superintendent Col

DNA Collection Law May Cause Problems in Maryland Crime Labs

ANNAPOLIS – Two years ago, nearly 25,000 DNA samples from convicted felons were sitting around the Maryland State Police laboratory