BWI-Marshall Airport hit by shutdown of international budget airline

An unexpected development overnight Thursday for anyone flying on WOW Airlines including those with flights into and out of BWI-Marshall Airport. The company went out of business stranding customers. One Baltimore woman who may have well been on the last WOW flight ever into BWI-Marshall says it came as a surprise.

Doctor assisted suicide bill fails in state senate

A bill which would have allowed someone terminally ill to end their life with help from a doctor came up short in a key vote in the state Senate on Wednesday. The legislation, which had been approved by the House but heavily amended in a Senate committee, was defeated in a tie vote.

Local woman provides help to others dealing with domestic violence

A Prince George’s County business owner from Guatemala turns her experiences from domestic abuse into a positive for others.

Maryland lawmakers looking to increase transparency in the USM Board of Regents

Legislators are pushing to improve the University of Maryland System Board of Regents’ transparency through proposing a bill that would add members and create other changes to increase openness.

Maryland state senator called to active duty during the legislative session

Montgomery County State Senator Will Smith is being deployed. Smith, a lieutenant in the Navy Reserve, will soon be on his way to Afghanistan ten days before the 90-day session of the Maryland General Assembly wraps up.

Mothers take on State House to push for additional gun control

They call themselves “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” and members of the Maryland chapter came to Annapolis on Thursday to push for new gun control provisions. The moms and their supporters say they want the legislature to ban “ghost guns” and 3D printed guns as well as require background checks for anyone wanting to buy a shotgun or long guns.

Lawmakers React to Governor Hogan’s State of the State

State House Democrats and Republicans may have their differences but Montgomery County Senator Susan Lee (D) says Governor Hogan’s State of the State showed his willingness to work with both parties. But the Democrats say they are concerned about the Governor’s proposed half-billion dollars in additional tax relief and his failure to support an increase in the minimum wage.

Federal contract workers say the continuing government shutdown is taking a toll

Federal contract employees such as janitors and security guards don’t receive backpay. This means that once the government shutdown is over, they won’t receive any form of payment.