Rebuilding Ellicott City [360 video in 3D]

ELLICOTT CITY, Maryland—An immersive journey through the flooding, aftermath and reconstruction of Ellicott City, Maryland. Shot on an Insta360 Pro, CNS producer Aaron Rosa created graphics overlaid on 3-D aftermath footage to give a new perspective to the damage done…

The Annapolis Bullpen: #Metoo in Annapolis

This week on the Annapolis Bullpen we look at the Me Too movement and see how it’s affected the Annapolis Legislature. We look at recent sexual harassment allegations and bills that the legislature is exploring to curb harassment. 

Affordable Care Act gives lifeline to young cancer patient

Ella Edward’s life changed on her ninth birthday. 

Presents sat unopened in her family’s Davidsonville house in April, while at Johns Hopkins Hospital her parents told her she had Ewing’s sarcoma, a cancerous tumor growing in her stomach.