Maryland Looks to Other States to Help Improve Air Quality

A large percentage of Maryland’s air pollution could be reduced after the Supreme Court ruled last month that the EPA has the authority to regulate emissions that cross state borders.

Maryland Doctors Using 3D Imaging to Improve Operations

In the future, 3D printing could allow doctors to print replacement parts for knees, make cells to help heal wounds, or create blood vessels or even organs.

Mills, Environmentalists Debate Energy Subsidies For Black Liquor

Environmentalists will seek to free up state funds for renewable energy resources by excluding “black liquor” from the list of renewable energy sources eligible for state subsidies, after an effort to do so failed this year.

Strong El Nino Could Mean Weak Hurricane Season

Climate scientists expect a particularly strong El Nino this summer to lead to fewer hurricanes in the Atlantic, including Maryland.

Bill to Make Development Guidelines for Sea Level Rise Passes

The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill April 5 to create a council charged with minimizing the impact of sea level rise on new state buildings. House Bill 615 would establish the council and task it with establishing guidelines for how future state development and renovation projects can avoid damage from rising sea levels and flooding.

Bill to study effects of acidification in bay passes

The General Assembly passed a bill this week that would create a task force to evaluate effects of acidification in the Chesapeake Bay and other state waters and make recommendations on how to address the issue.

Chesapeake Bay impact crater adds to sea level rise

Scientists say sea level rise is occurring at a faster pace in the Chesapeake Bay region than the global average, and the dramatic formation of the bay itself is a significant reason why.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Support GHG Reduction

Maryland’s top Democratic gubernatorial candidates would all continue state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make it a priority to incentivize the use of alternative energy sources in the state.

Lawmakers Target Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Renewable Energy Goals

With six years left until the state meets its self-imposed deadline for greenhouse gas reduction, projections show the state will miss its target without legislation to promote increased use of renewable energy sources.

Acidic Chesapeake Bay Water Could Threaten Oysters

A more acidic bay could make it more difficult for mollusks, such as oysters, to build their shells through a process called calcification. But it could help crustaceans, such as blue crabs, build their shells more quickly. This could disrupt the evolutionary balance of the two because blue crabs prey on oysters.