Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses new cryptocurrency Libra before House Financial Committee

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill providing testimony to the House Financial Committee for several hours to discuss Libra, the cryptocurrency project that Facebook plans to launch next year. But just minutes into the testimony, it became clear that the committee would press Zuckerberg on more than just cryptocurrency. CNS-TV’s Cam Hasbrouck reports.

Smithsonian’s Anacostia Museum reopens

An important piece of history has returned to the DMV. $4.5 million later: renovations to the Anacostia Community Museum are complete. CNS-TV’s Cam Hasbrouck visited the museum to give us a look.

One man dead after officer-involved shooting in Hyattsville

One man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Hyattsville. CNS-TV’s Cam Hasbrouck was there, and reports on the incident.