Frostburg Business College Boosts Friday Classes to Curb Binge Drinking

The Frostburg State University College of Business is joining a national effort to decrease student binge drinking on Thursday nights by increasing the number of classes held on Fridays.

Students Get Virtual Lesson on Texting, Driving Dangers

Glen Burnie High School students learn about the dangers of texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving.

Rockville High School Students Moderate Board of Education Forum

Students from Rockville High School served as moderators for the Montgomery County Board of Education’s forum Wednesday evening, just one day after the second presidential debate. These teen journalists played the role of Candy Crowley in a debate that featured a bit of a dust-up between participants and audience.

Golden Ring Middle School ‘STEM Day’ Gets Girls Involved in Tech Projects

Girls from Golden Ring Middle School in Baltimore County participate in STEM activities for the school’s inaugural STEM Day for girls.

Black Religious Leaders Endorse Maryland Same-sex Marriage Ballot Issue

Black clergy members endorse marriage equality and urge Maryland voters to vote yes on Question 6 — legalized same-sex marriage — this November.

Breast-feeding Allowed in Maryland University Classrooms

Breast-feeding policies at Maryland universities don’t really address the kind of problem that came up recently at American University, when a professor breast-fed her sick child during her initial class, prompting a national debate.