Legislation creates task force to study surveillance tactics

ANNAPOLIS, Md– A bill making its way through the Maryland legislature would create a taskforce to study police use of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition software.

Bill that would revive cash bail draws ire

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — About 100 people rallied on Tuesday, with the support of Maryland legislators, against a Senate bill that, they said, would walk back a ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals regarding bail reform.

Legislation may remove parental rights in sex assault cases

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Legislation in the Maryland General Assembly would enable a court to revoke parental rights of an individual who has been found to have sexually assaulted the other parent, if the court finds that it is in the child’s best interest to remove the parental rights.

Bill would allow protective orders admitted in divorce court

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The Maryland House on Thursday voted in favor of a bill that repeals language in Maryland’s Family Law prohibiting decisions in domestic violence proceedings from being admitted as evidence in divorce court. The bill passed with no dissenting votes.

Beyond the inaugural celebrations, many protest the new president

During Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, protesters from all over the country converged on Washington Friday, leading to at least 95 arrests, according to Washington, D.C., police.

Bills curb Md. assistance in federal immigration enforcement

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — A pair of bills would restrict the involvement of law enforcement agencies in Maryland with federal immigration efforts, banning state government agents from asking crime victims or suspects about their immigration or citizenship status.

Bill mandates Baltimore police report surveillance tactics

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The Maryland House Judiciary Committee heard arguments for and against a bill that would require the Police Commissioner of Baltimore City to notify the city council, mayor and delegation about the development of new tactics and use…

Maryland League of Conservation Voters rates Gov. Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The Maryland League of Conservation Voters on Tuesday gave Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan high marks for his commitment to preserving open space, but an overall “Needs Improvement” grade on its 2017 report card, largely because, the group said, the Republican governor’s stated environmental positions are not supported fully by his legislative actions.

State transportation agency advocates for self-driving car legislation

The state’s Motor Vehicle Administration is advocating legislation that would transfer regulatory power of self-driving cars to the agency and the state police, saying the change may improve safety on Maryland roads and reduce human error.