Like No Other Year

Nine Merrill students spent the semester analyzing three national news broadcasts every night. Each night they blogged about their strongest perceptions. At the end of this momentous year marked by acronyms — MAGA, COVID-19, BLM — each student/journalist leaves with a distinct insight.

Here’s why Maryland voters went to the polls on Election Day.

Capital News Service spread out across Maryland on Election Day to talk with voters who braved a global pandemic to cast a ballot in person. Here’s what those voters told CNS.

More Than A Mascot

While Washington’s professional football team recently decided to change its name, a 2017 Capital News Service investigation found that high schools across the United States were years ahead of the NFL franchise.

In neighborhoods around Baltimore, residents work to help their neighbors cope with the trauma that scars their lives.

Baltimore is afflicted with problems that challenge many families: high rates of poverty, struggling schools and stubborn crime rates. A network of government agencies and venerable nonprofit organizations support residents who need help.