In Anderson, South Carolina, African-Americans underrepresented in local government

ANDERSON, South Carolina — As a young teacher, Beatrice Thompson and her friend went to the local movie theatre – which at the time was segregated – and did the unthinkable: they strolled through the front door and sat on the first floor, instead of in the balcony with the rest of the African-Americans.

In South Carolina town, “Finding ways to get along;” Taking down statue is not one of them

ANDERSON, South Carolina-After the third hour of a one-man tour of this southern city, Joey Opperman is still full of stories – a labor strike in the factory building, the youth teams that played on a particular baseball field, political decisions 35 years ago that shaped the area today.

In Virginia town, African-American elders hold mixed views on confederate statue

LEESBURG, Virginia — Gertrude Evans, 70, was born into the Jim Crow South and lived through the rocky integration of Leesburg when firemen filled a swimming pool with cement and garbage rather than permit its integration.

Diplomacy meets basketball at 2018 Friendship Games

In 2005, after seeing generations of children from neighboring countries and cultures grow up amid conflict, Ed Peskowitz and Arie Rosenzweig tried a novel approach to diplomacy – a basketball tournament.

Baltimore residents remain hopeful about the troubled city’s future

BALTIMORE, Maryland—Baltimore has plenty of problems, but it is still a place many call home. Citizens have hope for their city, and they believe it is worth saving. These residents want you to see beyond the headlines.

Basketball provides learning opportunities for teen from single parent home

BALTIMORE, Maryland — Over 60 percent of children in Baltimore live in single-parent households. As one of six kids to a single mother, Everett Croslin finds additional support from his mentor, Haneef Hardy, who helps him navigate the challenges of growing up in Baltimore.

Baltimore students get help making prom possible

BALTIMORE, Maryland— Prom night is expensive. In Baltimore, where over 20 percent of residents live below the poverty line, one group of women is helping to make it a little more affordable by giving away prom dresses to girls in need.

Baltimoreans remain optimistic despite many challenges

BALTIMORE, Maryland— From homelessness to substance abuse to violence to single-parent homes, many residents of Baltimore face unending challenges. This special video report introduces just some of the people who are facing those challenges and takes a look at their efforts to try and rise above them.

Middle school students step out to protest violence

In the month following the Parkland, Florida shooting there were 19 homicides in Baltimore. Middle school students at Hampstead Hill Academy organized a walkout to voice their opinions on the violence in their city and across the nation.