Board of Public Works approves compensation for man wrongfully convicted

After serving 19 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of attempted murder, a man will be awarded more than $1.6 million in compensation from the state of Maryland.

Maryland bill would repeal some jury disqualifications

A Maryland bill would repeal certain disqualifications for serving on a jury, and proponents argue that it is centered around re-enfranchisement.

Maryland expands vaccine rollout as variants increase

Maryland is expanding its vaccine rollout just as the country faces what Gov. Larry Hogan, R, described as a “race between variants and vaccines.”

Maryland Delegates argue passionately over ‘Juneteenth’ bill

In support of a bill that would make “Juneteenth” a state and employee-paid holiday, a Maryland Delegate on Monday gave an impassioned speech, which ended with a standing ovation from some colleagues.

Maryland bill would ban firearms at election sites

A bill banning firearms at polling sites in Maryland is advancing in the state Legislature, and advocates say it is necessary to stop voter intimidation.

Fraudulent unemployment claims present concerns in Maryland

Unemployment claims in Maryland have increased greatly since the start of the pandemic, and more than half filed since January were found to be fraudulent.

Marijuana legalization proposed in Maryland Legislature

A bill essentially legalizing recreational use of cannabis in Maryland would be an important step toward addressing social equity and racial injustices, advocates said.

Opioid-related deaths increase amid COVID-19 pandemic

Drug and alcohol related fatalities in Maryland have increased since the pandemic, and minority communities were hit the hardest, according to a recent report.

Franchot expects Marylanders to see relief as early as Friday

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, D, expects 98% of all relief payments to be processed and in eligible people’s bank accounts as early as Friday.

Board of Public Works approves settlement for McNair family

After a two-year-long process, a family will be awarded a $3.5 million settlement from Maryland after their son, Jordan McNair, died during a university football practice.