Limited Access to Primary Care Could Be Crowding Maryland’s Emergency Rooms

Crowding in emergency departments in Maryland is forcing hospitals to request that EMTs divert their patients in ambulances elsewhere.

DNA Evidence Brings Hope, Truth – But Only If Tested; Some Maryland Jurisdictions Slow to Report Findings

DNA evidence can free a man from death row, but some local law enforcement agencies aren’t following state rules on DNA evidence reporting.

Maryland Schools Feel Pull Between GOP Governor, Democratic Majority

Gov. Hogan and Democrat legislators push education priorities – charter schools and K-12 funding, respectively – as 2015 legislative session comes to a close.

Divorce Law in Maryland May Be Broadened

Divorces in the state could happen more quickly, while protecting children and victims of domestic abuse.

Laughs and Lawmaking on Maryland House Floor Tuesday

Maryland state delegates took part in playful April Fool’s Day fun on the House floor Tuesday, but also passed bills on subjects far from light.

Maryland Hotel Tax Bill Continues to Face Debate

Maryland has become a battleground for travel industry giants and hotels of all sizes.

Three Coffins, That Bring Life to Early Maryland History, Welcomed Home

When a team of workers discovered three lead coffins dating back to the 17th century in the foundation of a long-gone chapel in St. Mary’s City, a remote historical settlement on the southern tip of Maryland and the Chesapeake’s western shore, they were in for a shock.

Maryland’s Women’s Caucus Welcomes First Male Legislators

For the first time in its 43 year history, the Women Legislators of Maryland Caucus has male legislators seated around the table.

Maryland Attorney General Promotes Whistleblower Bill

Maryland’s Attorney General says he has a bipartisan solution to recoup some of the state’s large budget deficit: crack down on fraud.

Bill Would Limit Types of Drinks Included on Kids’ Meals in Maryland

In an effort to battle childhood obesity, some legislators are seeking to regulate the drinks Maryland restaurants offer as part of children’s meals.