Mizeur Considers an Unprecedented Run for the Governor’s Mansion

Heather Mizeur, a state delegate, is considering running for governor. If she won she would be the first openly gay candidate elected to governor anywhere in the United States.

Maryland Set to Join Big Ten Academic Alliance

Last weekend the Big Ten’s provosts voted to approve Maryland’s membership in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

Maryland Prepared to Pay $50 Million to Leave ACC, if Necessary

While they hope to negotiate with the ACC for a lesser fee, Maryland officials are prepared to pay the full $50 million exit fee to leave the ACC for the Big 10.

Motivated by Referendums, Maryland Voters Turn Out on Election Day

COLLEGE PARK – In a state sure to go to President Barack Obama, with very few competitive congressional races, voters streamed to the polls in Maryland on Tuesday motivated by three high profile referendums on gay marriage, gambling and immigration.…

With No Farm Bill, Maryland Dairy Farmers Lose Safety Net

Congress’ failure to pass a Farm Bill has not yet affected most of the agriculture sector, but it has left dairy farmers at the mercy of volatile milk prices.

The Last of Its Kind: Domino Sugar Perseveres in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Domino Sugar has outlasted the Inner Harbor’s other manufacturers because of its location, its willingness to invest and innovate, and because of the federal government’s sugar program.

The Lieutenant Governor is Ready to Shine

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is perhaps the best known of four likely Democratic candidates for governor of Maryland in 2014.

If He’s Running for Governor, Attorney General Doug Gansler Isn’t Saying

Despite rumors of a gubernatorial run, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler remains coy about his political future.

A Senate Staffer Studies a Different Kind of Law

Bill Dauster, who works on policy for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is also a renowned expert on the Jewish Torah.

Rep. Edwards Tells a Personal Story in Support of Obama

Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards, in a brief speech at the Democratic convention that drew deeply on her personal history, made a case for President Barack Obama.