Governors O’Malley and McDonnell, Friendly Neighbors, National Rivals

While neither is on a ballot in November, Maryland’s Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley and Virginia’s Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell are waging a proxy war this year, campaigning for gubernatorial candidates across the country while simultaneously boosting their own chances at national office.

Candidates’ Religious Appeals May be Losing Sway with Voters

The 2012 presidential candidates are discussing their religiosity like never before, and an increasing number of voters don’t seem to like it.

Gingrich Targets Gas Tax Increase During Maryland Visit

One week before the state’s primary elections, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich criticized Maryland lawmakers considering a statewide gas tax increase during a visit to Annapolis Tuesday morning.

Budget Gridlock in Md. House Could Spell Disaster for Police Aid

Maryland’s House of Delegates could resort to sizeable reductions to local police aid, including never-before-cut discretionary grants, should it fail to adopt a revised version of the Senate’s budget package.

Maryland Death Penalty Repeal Bill Likely to Die in Committee

The latest attempt to repeal Maryland’s death penalty is likely to falter in committee, just three years after Gov. Martin O’Malley’s coordinated campaign to end capital punishment ended in compromise.

Ethics Panel to Present Currie Recommendations Before Senate

The Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics released a unanimous recommendation to censure Sen. Ulysses Currie and remove him from all positions of senate and Democratic leadership, aside from his standing committee assignment.

O’Malley’s Religious Appeals Fall Flat with Some in Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Gov. Martin O’Malley defends this year’s same-sex marriage bill by arguing that it balances two of Maryland’s founding principles – religious freedom and freedom of individual conscience.

State of the State a Prelude to Tough Legislative Session Ahead

Gov. Martin O’Malley made his case for job creation and same-sex marriage Wednesday, promoting his most ambitious agenda to date in his sixth State of the State address.

Legislators Want to Lock Up Dedicated Funds

A bipartisan group of delegates wants to amend Maryland’s constitution to prohibit the transfer of dedicated funds to the General Fund, except in a state of emergency.

Maryland Lawmakers Seek Campaign Finance Amendment

Maryland legislators gathered with activists outside the state capitol Thursday to promote an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would end the multi-million dollar flood of corporate money bolstering political campaigns.