Maryland’s U.S. Senators critical of FBI Kavanaugh report

Maryland Democratic Senators Cardin and Van Hollen said they found the follow-up FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh incomplete. Senator Ben Cardin said the report raised more questions than it answered and Senator Chris Van Hollen criticized the FBI for failing to contact individuals who said they had important information to share.

International ships set sail for Baltimore during Fleet Week

Ships and vessels are a common site in Baltimore’s inner harbor. But today marks the start of Flee Week and ships and sailors from around the world are calling on the city to join in the festivities.

Physical activity report shows poor health for children

WASHINGTON — Children in the United States are not getting as much physical activity as they should be according to a newly released 2018 report card.

Annapolis prepares for Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence nears the shores of the United States, Annapolis braces for the effects from the storm. A city with experience dealing with floods in the past, Annapolis prepares for the potential damage that could occur.

Local sheriffs join in effort to get Congress to approve immigration reform

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler was among several sheriffs from Maryland who joined with dozens of other sheriffs from around the country on Capitol Hill Wednesday urging lawmakers to approve legislation they say will increase border security and reform the country’s immigration system.