^Md. Pharmacy Inspections Lag; Board Blames Bureaucracy, Lack of Funds

WASHINGTON – Less than half of Maryland’s pharmacies were inspected in the past two years, and just a third in the past year, a situation that health care advocates say puts the public at risk of getting outdated or improper medication

^Pharmacy Board Asks for More Control to Beef Up Inspections

WASHINGTON – After nearly two-thirds of the state’s pharmacies went without required annual inspections last year, the Maryland Board of Pharmacy is hoping to change what some argue is a broken regulatory system

Medicare Plan Provides Boost for Chronically Ill Patients

WASHINGTON – Rufus “Lee” Arrington’s mailbox used to be full of solicitations from Medicare health plans promising benefits that always seemed too good to be true

Md. Company Cuts Surgical Costs With Foreign Flair

WASHINGTON – It started with a face lift, in Malaysia

^Maryland Inmates Prepare Turkey for Bea Gaddy Dinner

HAGERSTOWN – Up before dawn, the prison inmates stand in the chill air around stainless steel tables, butcher knives in their hands

Marylanders Become Top Two Leaders in House

WASHINGTON – Two lawmakers with Maryland ties made history Thursday when they secured the top two positions in the U

^Former U.S. Senator Recalls Hoyer, Pelosi in Bygone Days

WASHINGTON – As the top two Democratic House leaders head into contentious intraparty elections today, a former U

Hoyer Upbeat Despite Leadership Rival’s Attacks

WASHINGTON – A buoyant Rep

Sweet Silence May Signal Fair Fight for Hoyer


Maryland HMOs Score Poorly in Depression Treatment

WASHINGTON – Doctors in Maryland’s Health Maintenance Organizations exercise little oversight after initially prescribing anti-depressants, according to an annual report released earlier this month