As Trump touts regulation rollbacks, CNS analysis shows Maryland coal jobs didn’t evaporate under Obama

A CNS analysis of coal mining employment and production shows that the number of coal jobs fell sharply in Maryland well before President Obama got to office, and stayed relatively constant during Obama’s first term.

With academics as the only factor, March Madness brackets get busted

In this 2017 NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket, the winners are determined by a team’s graduation rate, not its athletic chops

Three unique challenges of those newly-discovered exoplanets

Don’t book your ticket to TRAPPIST-1, just yet. Here’s a look at three unique features of the newly-discovered solar system that might complicate things a bit.

Republican states lower in U.S. News ‘best states’ rankings

All but four Democrat-controlled state legislatures in the U.S. rest above the halfway mark of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best State” rankings, released Monday.

Maryland ranks eighth in new “best states” ranking

A new ranking of “Best States” released Tuesday by U.S. News and World Report ranked Maryland eighth, using factors like growth, employment, healthcare and education.

National Gallery show includes artist who spent time in Baltimore

A British-American engraver who once formed a whirlwind friendship with Baltimore’s most influential journalist is among more than 20 artists on view in a National Gallery of Art exhibition that explores cities through prints.

Beating the Buzzer: Wizards Keep Games Tight to the End

If it seems like the Washington Wizards win or lose a lot of nail biters, that’s because they do. The team’s games are decided much later than an average NBA team’s games, a CNS analysis of win probability data shows.

Here’s the national park Twitter presence President Trump has directed to cease

President Donald Trump’s direction that the Interior Department temporarily cease social media communication put the brakes this week on a set of popular accounts managed by America’s National Park Service sites, though some were tweeting again by Friday.

Trump’s inaugural address had fifth-lowest reading level since Lincoln

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address Friday scored a reading grade level of 7.6 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale, tied for fifth-lowest among addresses since Abraham Lincoln.

Trump to take office with historically low approval ratings

Maryland – When President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated Friday, he will have a lower personal favorability rating than any of his four predecessors at the same time in their careers.