Maryland’s heroin and opioid crisis reaches an all-time high

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Barbara Allen signs her emails with the names of her family members she has lost to addiction. Jim’s mom, Bill’s sister, Amanda’s aunt. Her son, Jim, died from a heroin and alcohol overdose in 2003 after battling…

Underwater Maryland canyon could see new protections

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Less than 60 miles off the coast of Maryland, the ocean is peppered with bubblegum corals and mahi mahi in the Baltimore Canyon — one of 70 similar formations in the Atlantic created by ancient rivers. The…

Maryland looks to revise youth shackling policies

Maryland legislators and juvenile justice advocates are reviewing the state’s policy for placing children in mechanical restraints and studying other states’ laws to form a best practice

Future of Affordable Care Act in Maryland is uncertain

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — While President-elect Donald Trump vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act on the campaign trail, his recent promises to maintain key components of the law have reassured Marylanders, though many still feel the law’s future is questionable.…

Maryland grows more politically polarized, like rest of U.S.

While Maryland voted for the Democratic candidate in 2016 for the seventh straight presidential election, a deepening Republican loyalty in more rural areas of the state indicates increased polarization throughout Maryland

Opiates decline in Maryland prisons after cut from Medicaid list

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Since Suboxone film strips were removed from the Medicaid Preferred Drug List in July, the amount of the drug recovered in Maryland correctional facilities as contraband has decreased by 41 percent, according to Maryland’s Department of Public…

Advocates seek immunity for youth victims of sex trafficking

Juvenile victims of human trafficking will not be prosecuted for sex crimes in Maryland if a recommendation from a state workgroup becomes law, despite pushback from law enforcement.

Efforts ramp up in Maryland to bring back vanishing state insect

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — When Wayne Skinner started volunteering at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County five years ago, he expected to see orange-and-black-spotted Baltimore checkerspot butterflies flying around the park.