The economic drivers of homelessness

The lower echelons of America’s middle class have been slipping through the country’s economic cracks as decades of federal policy changes have shredded the social safety nets that used to catch them.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a streamlined system helps house homeless veterans

With the help of careful data-keeping, a unified hotline, individualized assistance and a mindful community, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has succeeded in getting service members off the streets.

‘Are you going to feed us to the wolves’ when temporary respite ends?

It was the third week of March and Mike Melcher was living out of his truck in Covina, California.

Life in a homeless encampment in the shadow of the University of Arkansas

William set up his tent in an encampment near the University of Arkansas. Then, he was evicted.

As the wealthy move in, homeless people are pushed out

Communities nationwide — including just blocks from the White House — are struggling with the growing number of tent cities.

Project Roomkey, the Golden State’s grand experiment

When California issued its shelter-in-place order on March 19, hotel occupancy rates throughout the state plunged into the single digits.

Philadelphia hit homelessness and drug addiction head on

Philadelphia was plagued by two epidemics in 2017: Opioid addiction and homelessness. The city addressed them as intertwined crises.

Homeless women face extra health, safety worries

Many homeless women fear for their safety even when they are able to secure shelter.