The Baltimore Police Department is working to prevent department misconduct

Baltimore, MD- The Baltimore Police Department has implemented a new program called “EPIC,” which works to prevent police misconduct, mistakes, and rebuild the relationship with the community.

A Maryland House bill is working to help patients with medical debt

Silver Spring, MD – Between 2009 and 2018, Maryland Hospitals have sued patients more than 145,000 times over unpaid medical bills, according to National Nurses United. A bill in the Maryland House aims to put a stop to patients losing their income and housing over unpaid bills that can be under $1,000.

Presidential Campaigns are using social media ads to engage young voters

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – Social media advertisements are one of the ways the presidential candidates are reaching young voters, in an effort to engage them in the election process. We spoke with young voters about if these ads are working…

Restaurants adjust to winter dining

HYATTSVILLE, Maryland – Governor Hogan has announced $50 million in federal relief for restaurants. This will help keep restaurants open when the weather turns cooler and they have to adjust for outdoor dining.  

The Poll Hero Project encouraging students to work the polls

The Poll Hero Project was started by high school, college, and a graduate student to encourage young people to volunteer as poll workers. They believe poll workers are essential to the election succeeding.

Protesters gathered today to march against Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

Protestors spent the day exercising their first amendment right to oppose the supreme court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Their chants even brought out some congressional leaders from the Senate building.

Hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett continued today

Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett continued today as both Democratic and Republican Senators questioned her on her views of cases and previous court decisions. Here are some of the highlights from the morning.

Students are battling to cancel leases they cannot afford due to COVID-19

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – Students at The University of Maryland and Towson University are battling to get out of their leases with MEDCO. They have legal support and the support of the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition but are still waiting…

Calvert Hills is waiting for stormwater management improvements that may still be a while

CALVERT HILLS, Maryland – Calvert Hills and the surrounding area experienced flash flooding on September 10th and are anxious for infrastructure improvements to be made. Prince George’s County is working to pass additional funding for stormwater management projects that will address…

Maryland residents are struggling to get approved for unemployment

Maryland residents are struggling to get through the phone lines and receive the help they need to navigate the unemployment benefits process.