Cuban Representatives Want U.S. to Answer Questions About Maryland’s Alan Gross

Representatives from the Cuban Interests Section said this week that until the Obama administration fully addresses Maryland resident Alan Gross’ intentions in Cuba, relations between the two countries will not improve.

Senators Say USAID’s Social Media Program in Cuba Could Endanger Bethesda’s Alan Gross, Others

A U.S. government plan to create a Twitter-like platform in Cuba was dumb and may have endangered the life of 64-year-old Bethesda resident Alan Gross, Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, said Tuesday.

Fusion Centers’ Collection of Local and State Data Worries Civil Libertarians, Others

Critics of fusion centers say they often violate Americans’ privacy, waste taxpayer dollars, and have demonstrated little success catching terrorists.

Md. Rep. Ruppersberger Proposes Changes to NSA Data Collection

Maryland Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger unveiled a bipartisan bill Tuesday that would end the mass collection of metadata and instead allow the government to order communication companies to search their files for more specific information.

Bethesda Lawyer Grappling with Balance Between National Security and Privacy

David Medine is chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, a small government board tasked with weighing the balance between national security and Americans’ privacy.

Data Breaches Common at Universities, Other Educational Institutions

There were more than 50 data breaches at K-12 schools, colleges and universities in the United States last year.

Edwards, Cummings, Other Lawmakers Urge USDA Action on Slaughter of Sick Calves

Lawmakers are calling on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban the slaughter of sick, injured or weak calves for sale as meat.

Protesters Take to the Web to Address NSA Surveillance Concerns

More than 4,500 groups and websites have signed up online to take part in Tuesday’s protest against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs. Organizers of “The Day We Fight Back” include social media giants and an array of conservative and liberal groups.