Take It Back: Students Bring ‘Right Stuff’ to Foreclosure Residents

Volunteers with Take Back Your Home notify homeowners and renters of their rights and cut through the confusing, intimidating information in foreclosure documents.

Maryland Housing Market to Slog Through 2012

Maryland home builders expect a sluggish 2012 as joblessness and low consumer confidence have delayed a housing market recovery until at least 2013, according to experts at a forecast event held by the Home Builders Association of Maryland Thursday.

Supercommittee Failure Could Cut Millions From Maryland Budget

The congressional supercommittee has failed, and now Maryland could face as much as $150 million in cuts to its 2014 budget.

Mikulski Leads Social Security Crowd in Supercommittee ‘Occupation’

Activists joined Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., Thursday in a rally to “wake up the supercommittee,” who they fear will unfairly cut health care and Social Security to reduce the nation’s debt.

Van Hollen Urges Big Reductions as Deadline Looms for ‘Supercommittee’

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen still wants to “go big” with the congressional “supercommittee,” favoring $4 trillion in total deficit reduction over 10 years, even as he’s unsure that the group can craft a plan to curtail the deficit by its Nov. 23 deadline.

With Food Donations Needed, Scouts Step Up

Scouts in the National Capital Area Council have seen their area-wide Scouting for Food totals increase — up to 675,000 pounds of food last year from 520,000 in 2009 — but need still outpaces donations.

Paving Ain’t Pay Dirt for Struggling Construction Crews

Federal investment in “shovel-ready” construction put a lot of people to work — and did so quickly — but stimulus money for Maryland work crews is drying up, and some experts say too much of it went to temporary projects that failed to save jobs in the long term.

Maryland Ranked 10th Nationally for Energy Efficiency

A push to reduce peak electricity use and decrease money spent on energy has earned Maryland a spot in the top-10 most energy-efficient states, according to a report released Thursday by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Maryland Millionaires Alert to Tax Talk

In Maryland, a state with the nation’s second-highest concentration of millionaires, there are a lot of eyes on President Obama’s push for a “Buffett Rule” tax on the wealthiest Americans.

Soldiers Struggle for Work After Service

Nationwide, unemployment among veterans is 8.3 percent according to the most complete statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Maryland, this rate is lower, around 5.7 percent, but the disorientation veterans feel transitioning from war to the work force is the same.