Members of Congress Open WW II Memorial to Vets

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Members of Congress join with World War II vets in entering the grounds of the World War II memorial in Washington despite its closure because of the government shutdown.

Group of Ex-Pols Works to Make Voices Heard

A group of former politicians are trying to ensure elected officials on Capitol Hill and around the country hear the voices of their constituents

Restaurant Owner Working to Fix P.G. County “Food Desert”

According to the USDA, Prince George’s County has 22 food deserts. One man is looking to battle this problem by offering healthy eating options to residents.

Baseball Players at Risk for Concussions

A recent Harvard Medical School study showed that baseball is one of the safest sports for kids to play. However there are still major health risks facing kids playing baseball, especially catchers.

Ocean City Fishing Captain Catches Sharks for Research

Charter fishing captain Mark Sampson is helping tourists catch swimmers’ worst nightmare – sharks.