Maryland Republican Party Members, Political Analysts Split Over Message of Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND — The Republican National Convention met in Cleveland this week with the goal of projecting a platform of fiscal conservatism, strengthening national security and presenting an overall commitment to “Make America Great Again.”

Chelsea Clinton Addresses Hillary Supporters In Anticipation of State Primary

The Democratic presidential candidate’s daughter touted her mother’s decades of experience.

Legislation that ends subminimum wages for workers with disabilities passes

Maryland organizations cannot pay workers with disabilities a subminimum wage after September 2020.

‘Yes means yes’ sexual assault bill dies; campus officials and activists debate next step

The bill required all Maryland colleges and universities to adopt an affirmative consent standard.

From Clean Energy Jobs to Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Environmental Legislation Moves Forward

A round-up of the current status of major environmental bills this session.

Activists, legislators tout statewide poll results before hearing for Clean Energy Jobs Act

The bill includes a $40 million investment in clean-energy jobs training.

Bills Aim To Alter the Process of Selling Structured Settlements

Initiated by the office of the attorney general in September, a study of 171 Maryland cases found that structured settlements worth $21 million in present value were sold for just $6 million.

Legislators, Advocates Look For Solutions to Distracted Driving

In fiscal year 2015, Maryland motorists received 40,479 citations for using a handheld device while operating a vehicle.

Maryland Senate Passes Override of Hogan’s Veto of Felon Voting Rights

The felon voting rights bill is expected to expand voting rights to an additional 40,000 felons, supporters say.

Lawmakers Introduce New Standards for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The bill sets a new goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 2006 levels by 2030.