Addressing a new wave of anti-Asian hate in Maryland

Lawmakers, state leaders and hate crime victims say that Maryland’s government and law enforcement agencies must improve their capabilities for addressing the recent rise in anti-Asian hate in the state. Asian American and Pacific Islander victims and their communities must feel safe reporting incidents for Maryland’s strong hate crime statute to be effective, one lawyer said.

Legislature votes to bolster unemployment insurance system

Emergency measures to help struggling businesses pay less in unemployment insurance taxes while simultaneously granting more funding to the unemployed were voted out of the Maryland state Legislature and await signatures from Gov. Larry Hogan, R. Raising from $50 to $200 the weekly amount that unemployment insurance claimants can receive is among the measures, which come as the Maryland Department Labor continues to receive thousands of claims each week.

Md. bill reimbursing business property taxes would be costly

A Maryland lawmaker is vying for the state to reimburse personal property taxes to businesses reeling from the pandemic, though the refund could cost the state an estimated $365 million. Last year, Maryland businesses paid an average of $2,860 in these property taxes, which include physical assets that businesses need to operate –– like refrigerators at restaurants and swivel chairs at barber shops.

Taxes on digital ads, cigarettes among Maryland House veto overrides

The Maryland House of Delegates overrode Thursday a slew of bills that Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed in May 2020 –– including legislation that would impose a tax on digital advertising revenues and raise taxes on tobacco products.

Maryland Senate overrides vetoes on gun restrictions, funding

The Maryland Senate overrode vetoes from Gov. Larry Hogan, R, on four bills Tuesday. The bills, one of which mandates that licensed firearm dealers facilitate most transactions involving rifles and shotguns, comprised yet another round of veto overrides this session.

Maryland lawmakers push for minimum wage for inmates

Maryland inmates make as little as $0.17 per hour for voluntary prison employment and training. Del. Terri Hill, D–Baltimore and Howard, wants to raise prison wages to as close to minimum wage as possible, allowing inmates to save money while incarcerated and better equipping them to re-enter society without having to rely on their families –– or further criminal activity that could again land them behind bars –– for financial support.

State lawmakers look to plug in disconnected Marylanders

Maryland state lawmakers aim to amend inequities in broadband internet access that have been accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic. A state office for broadband would succeed Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s Office of Rural Broadband, which was created to improve broadband in rural areas of the state.

Maryland mourns late Senate President Emeritus Mike Miller

Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., the longest-serving state Senate president in U.S. history and titan of Maryland politics for decades, lay in state Friday at the State House in Annapolis. As a longtime Prince George’s County “political godfather,” members of the Clinton, Maryland, community who paid their respects Thursday during an escort detail remembered Miller for his endlessly kind heart, constant generosity and endearing presence.