SWIM DIVERSITY: Hall of Fame of Coach Works to Save Lives

African American children drown at a rate nearly three times higher than their white counterparts according to the Centers for Disease Control. One Baltimore area swim instructor is making it his mission to change that.

Reagan National Workers Fight For Higher Wages

Reagan National Airport workers joined with workers at eight other airports in the country in a one-day strike seeking an end to subminimum wages, better training and the right to unionize.

Johns Hopkins Performs First HIV Liver Transplant

Doctors at Johns Hopkins performed the first ever liver transplant between an HIV donor and recipient.

VP Biden Announces New Cancer Initiative at Hopkins

Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to Johns Hopkins in order to promote the new Bloomberg-Kimmel’s institute to find a cure for cancer through immunotherapy.

Local School Advocates For Healthy Eating

LANDOVER — William Paca Elementary School is doing things a little bit different from the rest of the pack. All school children now receive free breakfast. CNS-TV’s Jessie Karangu has the story.

Food Shortage Affects Baltimore Residents During Blizzard 2016

An activist in Baltimore brought the heat to some of the city’s leaders for the way Baltimore officials handled the needs of residents during the recent blizzard.

Why Aren’t More African Americans Playing Golf?

Nearly two decades after Tiger Woods won the Masters African Americans only account for a small number among the millions of Americans playing the sport.

NATIONAL WAGES: Airport Workers Fight For Higher Wages

Reagan National Airport workers teamed up with actor Danny Glover to advocate for what the workers call living wages.

ANNAPOLIS DISABILITY DAY: Advocates turn out to urge legislative support

Hundreds came from all over the state to speak out in Annapolis for many who can’t.

DISABILITY DAY: Advocates take on Annapolis in annual push for improvements

Advocates for disabled workers gathered in Annapolis in their annual day to meet one-on-one with lawmakers to push for their priority legislative issues.