Cardin Seeks to Hike Federal Spending for Better Drinking Water

Inspired by the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Mich., Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin introduced legislation to increase spending on the country’s water systems and improve lead testing.

Maryland Officials Seek Federal Aid for Blizzard Costs

The Maryland congressional delegation sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting federal assistance to cover costs related to last month’s storm.

Maryland Officials Expect Zika Virus to Show Up in the State

While there are no reported cases of the Zika virus in Maryland currently, officials say it won’t be long before that changes.

Bills Aim to Use Video Technology to Cut Medical Costs

The bipartisan legislation aims to increase the use of technology such as video cameras to allow doctors to interact with patients outside the office.

Congress Moving to Aid Prisoners with “Second Chance” in Society

This legislation reauthorizes and changes the distribution of grant funding to public and private programs aiding ex-prisoners allocated in the original bill passed in 2008.