Mormon Population Increases in Maryland Thanks to Missionary System and Recruiting

Maryland’s Mormon population is growing thanks to a sophisticated missionary program, a patient recruiting approach and optimistic members who are part of an immense community.

Mormons and Their History

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has more than 10,000 missionaries in 179 countries engaged in humanitarian work.

Pope Francis Brings New Hope to Catholic Faithful

Maryland Catholics appear energized by new pope, despite a loss in numbers over the last decade.

Maryland’s Higher Education Institutions are Pioneering New Course Designs, Chancellor Tells Senate

The chancellor of Maryland’s University System told a Senate committee that institutions of higher education can reduce costs and become more effective by using massive online courses and blended-learning classes.

Religious Reconciliation Caravan Starts 10-City Tour of Maryland

Clergy Beyond Borders, a nonprofit, hopes to gather religious leaders, congregational members and others to spread the message of religious tolerance.

Maryland Dreamers Awake to In-State Tuition, Yearn for More

The Maryland Dream Act is saving some undocumented immigrants thousands in tuition, but dreamers in the state still face struggles with their documentation status and job prospects.

Maryland’s Democratic Members of Congress Denounce Republicans Over Shutdown

In a political game of chicken, congressional Republicans sought this week to pass a spending bill that also defunded the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

Recession, State Law, Lead Marylanders to Switch from Private to Public Health Insurance

A 2007 Maryland law expanding the state’s Medicaid program, along with job losses during the recession, has led a large number of Marylanders to enroll in public health care programs.

Syrian Expatriates In Maryland Still Want Strikes

While most Americans and members of Congress favor diplomacy in Syria, a number of Syrians in Maryland were disappointed that President Bashar Assad and his regime were not punished with military strikes.