College athletes could be paid for endorsements under Maryland bill

Maryland legislators have introduced a bill in the state’s General Assembly that could allow for increased protections for college athletes as well as for them to profit off of their name, image and likeness.

Bill would grant Maryland high school seniors added year of eligibility

A bill introduced in the Maryland General Assembly would grant public high school senior athletes an added year of eligibility to make up for the challenges and interruptions that the coronavirus pandemic brought.

Bills seek to limit implicit bias in Maryland judicial system

A pair of bills designed to limit implicit bias by stakeholders in the judicial system in Maryland was introduced at the state’s General Assembly.

Bill allows for more local restrictions on tobacco products in Maryland

A bill in the Maryland General Assembly would allow for localities to place more restrictions on the sale and distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Bill establishes Maryland police use of force requirements

A new bill addressing the use of force by police officers in Maryland was introduced at the Maryland General Assembly part of a growing police reform initiative.

Bill could make Maryland police discipline records public

The general public would have access to a police officer’s disciplinary record in some cases under a bill in the General Assembly in Maryland.

Bill adds canine support for veterans in treatment courts

Maryland legislators are introducing a bill which will offer canine support for veterans in Veteran Treatment Courts expanding upon a previous piece of legislation that passed last session and offered canine assistance for child witnesses.

Protecting the mental health of Maryland police officers

Maryland legislators are reintroducing a bill from the 2020 legislative session, which focuses on providing confidential mental health aid for police officers dealing with the stresses of the job.