Victim Rights Advocates Call for Constitutional Amendment

Victims of crimes are treated by the U.S. “roll-of-the-dice” criminal justice system as pawns, dogs and second-class citizens, advocates said at a news conference Thursday to introduce a proposed Victims’ Rights Amendment.

Women’s Soccer Players Continue Family Tradition

Professional athletes are bunking with host families in Maryland and the District. It’s not a study abroad exchange program. It’s the National Women’s Soccer League.

Leading Lawyers Praise 50-year-old High Court Decision, But Call for Expansion

While the 50-year-old Supreme Court ruling that held lawyers in criminal courts are “necessities, not luxuries” forever changed the nation’s judicial landscape, legal professionals argue its promises have largely gone unfulfilled.

Police Chiefs Call for Increased Gun Controls

Police chiefs from Maryland, Virginia, California and Massachusetts demanded that Congress impose more gun controls during a Wednesday press conference at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

Law Experts: Stalking Student-athletes’ Twitter, Facebook Presence Increases Universities’ Liability

A university that stalks or bans student-athletes’ Facebook and Twitter accounts may be legally out of bounds, sports law experts say.

While Game’s Out of Town, Baltimore Police Monitor Super Bowl Sunday

More than 100 million viewers will be looking at former Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis playing in New Orleans in his last game this Sunday, but police in Baltimore will be watching Ravens fans back home.

Not Everyone Biting on Pit Bull Liability Legislation

A bill meant to ease liability for pit bull dog owners and landlords was criticized by victims’ families, dog advocates, attorneys and legislators Wednesday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.