Gambling Addicts – Addiction experts concerned about passage of Question 7

With the passage of Question 7 in Maryland expanding gambling in the state, addiction experts say they are concerned about a likely increase in the number of people who will seek treatment for gambling problems.

Cause – A local bar gives its profits to charity

Have a drink, a burger, and donate to charity? You can do exactly that at one local bar, which calls itself a “philanthropub.”

More Games – Maryland Live! Casino to offer “dealer school”

Now that the state’s voters have approved adding table games to Maryland’s slots facilities, the largest gambling operation in the state is gearing up to expand and add hundreds of jobs.

Flashmob Kids – Student zombies are “thrilled” to dance in D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some local elementary school kids turn zombie for the day in a “Thriller” of an experience to emphasize the importance of music and art classes in school.

Marriage Rights – Maryland approves same sex marriage

BALTIMORE. — It was a battle that went down to the finish line, but, in the end, Maryland voters approved a ballot question allowing for same sex marriage starting January 1.

OC Recovery – A local business deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

One local Ocean City business located on the town’s inlet is again cleaning up after a run-in with yet another major storm.

Budget Hero – Try your hand at balancing the budget

A new online game gives the public a chance to call the shots when it comes to putting together the federal budget.

Redistricting Battle – The controversy over ballot Question 5 in Maryland

Among the ballot issues Maryland voters will be asked to decide when they go to the polls November 6 is Question 5. It would allow voters to reject the congressional districts approved this year by the Maryland General Assembly. This is the second in a series of special reports on the ballot issues in November’s election.

Lauren’s Luggage: A local girl helps those impacted by tragedy

One local elementary school girl is motivated by her family’s tragedy to start a charity to help other families in crisis.

Sniper Anniversary: A survivor’s story 10 years later

Washington, D.C. – As the Washington region marks the 10-year anniversary of the beltway snipers one of the surviving victims recalls the time when residents were gripped with fear, not knowing when the gunmen would strike again.