Atheist Groups Upset with Two Articles in Maryland’s Constitution

Maryland’s Constitution contains two articles that atheists groups find offensive because they discriminate against atheists. Although the articles were struck down by the Supreme Court in the 1960’s, Greg Lipper of Americans United for Separation of Church & State said it’s the principle of the thing.

Local Rabbi Barry Fruendel Pleads Guilty to 52 Counts of Voyeurism

Local rabbi and college instructor Rabbi Barry Freundel plead guilty to 52 misdemeanor charges of voyeurism after being charged with filming women as they undressed in preparation for ritual baths at the Kesher Israel Synagogue in Washington.

Local Girl Makes Clay Elephants to Help Abused Elephants in Thailand

Miriam Gardsbane of Rockville is passionate about helping elephants. She, along with friends and family, made clay elephants to sell at the Olney Farmers Market.

Maryland Lawmakers Form State’s First Latino Caucus

Five delegates and one state senator recently joined together to announce the creation of the General Assembly’s first ever Latino Caucus.