Table Games Could Increase Jobs

The implementation of table games and 24-hour gaming in Maryland will create employment opportunities, but competition will likely affect the labor market geographically.

Social Security Advocates Protest Fiscal Cliff Cuts

BALTIMORE – The American Federation of Government Employees rallied here Wednesday to call attention to their contention that Social Security does not impact the deficit and should be spared changes in negotiations to solve the looming fiscal cliff. The AFGE…

Maryland Stands Out With High Percentage of Women Managers

Stephanie Cohen, CEO of Golden & Cohen, a Gaithersburg-based insurance brokerage firm, for 23 years, and Ann Mitchell, CEO of Montgomery Hospice in Rockville for 14 years, are the facts behind the statistics: More women in Maryland worked as managers relative to other states in 2010.

As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Van Hollen Sees Short-term Solution

Rep. Chris Van Hollen is confident that Congress can avoid falling off the “fiscal cliff” come January, but a comprehensive budget solution may still be out of reach due to campaign promises.

House Leadership Race Could See Hoyer, Van Hollen in Line

Maryland Democratic Reps. Steny Hoyer and Chris Van Hollen are among the names in play in the Democratic leadership election at the end of the month, political observers say.

Independent Senate Candidate Subs News Conference for Canceled Debate

Monday night’s storm cancelled the final senatorial debates but that did not stop independent candidate Rob Sobhani from holding a news conference Thursday to deliver the closing remarks of his campaign.

O’Donnell, Hoyer Race Shows Very Different Worldview

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville, and Delegate Anthony O’Donnell have very different views on how to improve the nation as they run for Congress from Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Looks Particularly High From Maryland’s View

Maryland’s economy would be particularly hard-hit if Congress is unable to reach a budget agreement to avoid the broad, automatic cuts to the federal budget set to take effect in January, experts say.

Harford County Sees Child Poverty Rise in Recession’s Wake

Bel Air mother of four Letisha Hill has been unemployed for a year. In that time, she has taken seasonal temp work, sold her car and moved her family in with her aunt, all to keep her children from poverty. As it turns out, they are already there.

Prince George’s County Jail Fiesta Offers Hope, Unity

The Prince George’s County Department of Corrections celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month Friday with motivational bilingual speeches from outreach ministries, Latin music and dance.