Senate Bill Would Expunge Past Marijuana Offenses

A bill to remove convictions for marijuana use or possession of less than 10 grams from criminal records received a lukewarm response from the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee Thursday.

Maryland Raw Milk Cheese Makers Get to Keep Their Cheesy Grins

Dairy cows, goats and sheep will stay cheesy in Maryland under a bill presented Thursday.

No More ‘Rain Tax,’ Hogan Says

Gov. Larry Hogan on Tuesday announced legislation to repeal the stormwater management fee, critically known as the “rain tax,” encouraging localities to address their runoff requirements without a state-mandated fee.

Bill Would Mandate 8-Year Moratorium on ‘Fracking’

Environmentally stringent and costly drilling regulations are not enough to protect the public’s health from hydraulic fracturing’s pollutants, according to a coalition of legislators, environmental groups and health professionals who rallied Thursday in support of a moratorium bill.

Bay Report Indicates Overall Improvement, But Female Crabs on Decline

While oyster and striped bass populations are on the rise in the Chesapeake Bay, crab populations continue to fall, and the water body may take decades to show signs of a strong recovery, according to the Bay Barometer.

Farmers Breathing Easier over Delayed Manure Regulations

Gov. Larry Hogan the state’s new phosphorus management regulations.