Tension Between Democratic Gubernatorial Rivals Part of Growing Incivility, Experts Say

Negative campaigning is likely to escalate as Maryland gets closer to the Democratic primary.

Former Congressman Hopes to Raise Environmental Awareness With Education

Former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest has traded in suits and ties for plaid shirts and jeans. He now teaches children about the environment.

Mizeur Says Politics A Longtime Calling

Heather Mizeur’s run for governor in Maryland is unprecedented: If elected she will become the first female governor in state history and the first openly-gay governor in the nation.

Regulations Threaten Maryland’s Watermen Tradition

Watermen, who have been harvesting Maryland’s seafood for centuries, say added regulations threaten their livelihood.

Tea Party Attitude Toward Obama Influenced by Race

Political scientists say tea party supporters’ racial resentment is expressed through their dislike of President Obama.

Maryland’s Largest Tea Party Group Grows After Shutdown

Despite national polls showing tea party support at record lows as a result of the government shutdown, Maryland’s largest tea party said it has drawn new members.

Maryland’s Achievement Gap Addressed by Democrats in Gubernatorial Race

Eliminating the achievement gap has become the center of discussion for Maryland’s 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

Democrats Focus on Pre-K Expansion in Gubernatorial Race

Democratic candidates for the governor’s mansion are making the education of Maryland’s youngest citizens a priority, calling for expanded pre-K schooling

Secessionist Group in Western Maryland is Ready to Break Ties with the Free State

NEW WINDSOR – Maryland’s five western counties have had enough. Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington counties are ready to sever ties with the Free State and start their own, according to Scott Strzelczyk, a 49-year-old information technology consultant and…

Advocacy Group Says Maryland Falls Behind Other States in Minimum Wage

Maryland is the fifth most expensive state to live in, but the state falls behind others when it comes to minimum wage, according to advocates who hope the legislature will increase the state minimum wage.