Baltimore Priest to Leave City After 22 Years of Ministry

Father Sy Peterka has served in Baltimore for 22 years, putting tremendous effort into helping recovering addicts and ex-convicts released from prison. This summer the pastor will leave his two parishes in Baltimore on June 30 and head back to Philadelphia, where his ministry as a priest began.

Holidays Like Irish-American Month did not make Maryland Calendars this Year

A number of bills that would have mandated new holidays or commemorations, like Irish-American Month, failed to get through the House and Senate this year.

Md. Considers Limits on Posthumous Conception

Having a child with a dead person may become illegal in Maryland, unless the donor of the sperm or eggs consents to posthumous parenthood in a formal written document.

One of Maryland’s Last Dry Locales May See a Change

As the last dry town in Maryland, Damascus may be known for its farms and its football team, but not for its nightlife, but this may change.

Social Networking Infiltrates Schools, from Bullying to Crisis Management

Worrisome online behavior, whether a verbal attack or a threat of physical harm, is often difficult to track, and therefore difficult to prevent.

Dating Violence May Become a Bullying Issue in Md. Schools

In the wake of recent incidents that gained national attention, Maryland is considering legislation that would put dating in the same category as bullying, harassment and intimidation in public schools.

Maryland Schoolchildren May Get Calorie Counts for Lunch Items

More Maryland students may get to see the numbers behind nutrition, if legislation passes requiring public schools to post the calorie content of food items served.

In Equality Trial, University System Says Historically Black Schools Protected

In a six-week trial that ended Thursday over whether Maryland shortchanges its historically black universities, the state argued that it has given these schools fair funding as well as special consideration in recent years.

Bill Would Protect Public University Research from Open Records Law

Maryland legislators are considering a bill that would limit public access to records of ongoing research at public institutions, but opponents continue to criticize the potential boundaries the bill would create.

Maryland to Weigh Requiring Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Schools

A Maryland lawmaker wants to require the use of carbon monoxide detectors in all public schools following two leaks of the harmful gas in a Baltimore school last February