Women Entering Prison at Higher Rates

Women are entering the U.S. prison system at a faster rate than any other group, and they face an array of issues that male inmates don’t, including pregnancy and higher rates of mental health issues.

The Whig Party is Back, Seeking to Bridge Partisan Fighting

The Whigs, the 19th century political party that disbanded before the Civil War over the question of slavery, is trying making a comeback as the voice of reason between embittered modern day Republicans and Democrats.

Robin Hood Tax Would Increase Revenue, Rep. Donna Edwards Says

Proponents argue the financial transaction tax would serve to reign in the high-risk and speculative behavior on Wall Street that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis.

Libertarianism Attracting College Students, Others, Looking for Political Alternative

Libertarianism is becoming especially popular among younger voters, many of whom are tired of the stalemate between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, as evidenced by the 16-day government shutdown.

Gov. O’Malley Says Inclusive Policies Are Best for Maryland Economy

Inclusive policies like the Dream Act, which provides in-state tuition for some undocumented immigrants, are key to building a successful economy in Maryland, Gov. Martin O’Malley said Thursday at the Center for American Progress, a progressive advocacy group.

American Supermarkets Failing to Curb Harmful CO2 Emissions, Study Finds

America’s 12 largest supermarkets and retailers are failing to curb their hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions, adding large amounts of greenhouse gas to the environment, a new report finds.

Maryland Joins with Neighboring States in Bid to Become FAA Drone Testing Site

The University of Maryland is joining with Rutgers University and Virginia Tech University in a bid to become a testing site for civilian drones.

President Calls Health Care a Right, Says Republicans Worried Obamacare Will Succeed

Days before a key provision of his health care law takes effect, President Barack Obama told an audience in Prince George’s County Thursday that affordable health care in the United States is a right and not a privilege and called on Maryland to help spread the word about the Affordable Care Act.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Visit Maryland in Bid to Recruit Businesses

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will hold private meetings with businesses in Maryland on Wednesday in bid to convince them to move to the Lone Star State.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Lures Businesses From Maryland, Takes Shots at O’Malley

Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticizes Maryland for high taxes on businesses and families in a new radio ad.